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365 Project

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I illustrate only those days I find the most inspiring
  • Project 365
    Private work
  •  I was inspired by one of the popular bloggers, Natliya Ratkovski  . On a daily basis she produces the illustrations of what happened to her during the day. I liked the idea but I modified it a bit. I illustrate only those days I find the most inspiring and I hope there will be a lot of them.
  • I was on set shooting of video commercial. That was the commercial for dog food.
  • Got acquainted to a legendary stand-up comedian Vitaly Kolomiets.
  • Saw Belarusian pigeons and imagined them in Paris.
  • At our market old ladies sell delicious strawberries which the grow themselves.
  • I visited Botanic Garden in Minsk for the first time. Peonies were in blossom. Divine fragrance!

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