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A Circus Mind

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Portraits and Illustrations for 'A Circus Mind,' a collection of poems inspired by music from the 60's - 90's (written by Ryan Cox). Publication dates tba!
  • Bob Dylan f'Dylan's Strings.'
  • The Rolling Stones'The Rolling Stones 1972.''Fallen Angel' 
  • Alice, Painted with gouache and ink.
  • The Talking Heads. Painted with gouache, acrylic and ink.
  • A second portrait of Bob Dylan for a poem called 'Bob Dylan 1965-66.' Painted using acrylic, gouache and ink.
  • A portrait of  for a poem about the band 'Wilco.' Painted using acrylic, gouache and ink.
  • An illustration created for a poem about The Beatles called 'The White Album.'  
  • Portrait of U2's Bono for a poem about their largest tour, called 'How
    I got to zoo TV. Painted using acrylic, gouache and ink.
  • An spread illustrated for a poem called ‘The Last Waltz’ (TLW is a film directed by Martin Scorsese that captures the final concert of (the band) The Band.
  • Left page of spread (detail) was painted on cardboard using acrylic, gouache, ink and collage. 
  • On the right page of the spread (detail) 
  • Portrait of Zack de la Rocha for a poem about Rage Against the Machine. Painted using acrylic, gouache and ink.
  • Portrait of Stevie Nicks for a poem about Fleetwood Mac. Acrylic, gouache, ink and digital.
  • CSNY. Acrylic, gouache and ink on paper.

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