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Deptford Wives

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This project, completed in 2011, is a series of eighteen digitally painted portraits of ordinary womenfolk, based on street photography taken on location in Deptford, South London. It is intended as a demonstration of my interest in portraiture and character design as well as an exploration into depicting textures and fabrics digitally. The title is obviously a punning reference to ‘Stepford Wives’, but this merely serves as a starting point; there is no deliberate link between that film and its subject matter and the women featured in my project. The viewer in turn is invited to interpret the portraits in whichever way they please and ask questions about and identify with each figure; who they are, what they represent, and where they are from.
  • Deptford Wives no.1
  • Deptford Wives no.2
  • Deptford Wives no.3
  • Deptford Wives no.4
  • Deptford Wives no.5
  • Deptford Wives no.6
  • Deptford Wives no.7
  • Deptford Wives no.8
  • Deptford Wives no.9
  • Deptford Wives no.10
  • Deptford Wives no.11
  • Deptford Wives no.12
  • Deptford Wives no.13
  • Deptford Wives no.14
  • Deptford Wives no.15
  • Deptford Wives no.16
  • Deptford Wives no.17
  • Deptford Wives no.18
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