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Illustration Portfolio

Last Edited:
Various illustration projects and commissions.
  • New from Kid Havoc. Brush and Ink 19 x 24” More details soon.
  • All We Eat Is Candy
  • Just for fun Destiny Poster. Brush and ink collaged on paper.
  • Illustration created for Bad Karma’s “Chaos Agent” by Jeremy Haun and Mike Tisserand as part of the Bad Karma vol.1 Anthology.
  • Dead Letters by Christopher Sebela and Chris Visions
  • Promotional Poster commission for the Pantanal Partnership.
  • Illustration for Popular Mechanics Magazine about the NSA surveillance program. AD Scott Wells
  • Illustration for Popular Mechanics Magazine for an article about Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop System. AD Scott Wells
  • Piece for The New Republic to accompany an article discussing the effectiveness of people-powered revolutions and the unwisdom of crowds specifically within the Kiev protests. AD Erick Fletes
  • Cover illustration for the short story "Gaurded Keepsakes" by Brian Wheeler.
  • Illustration for Dan Heidt’s  album “The View from Up Here”

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