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Mixed media political drawings

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These are my drawings which were based upon war, WW1 and WW2, Religious and sexual perversity, the analysis of evil, pop Culture and Modern Icons. They are made with a mix of medias, ink, pencils, watercolor and acrylic on paper, some are more finished, and some are on a sketch-like level. They are basis for some of my paintings, some were incorporated in some of my later art, and some will be. They are also standalone pieces of art, all of them are A4 format, and i am willing to sell them.
  • Lets dance!
    the kolo of death, peasant, and a devil
  • The Atomic King
  • The drummer
  • The First Nuclear Olympics
  • He pulled a rabbit out of the hat!
  • BOOOOM!!!
  • If you tolerate this, then your children will be next...
  • Russian dolls of systems
  • Russian dolls of leaders
  • We're following the leader, wherever he may go!
    to the death, just follow the yellow-brick road
  • If you belive, they've put a man on the moon!
    i am ALWAYS on top of my game
  • People: "We love you!!!"
    Politician:"And i love you too!!!"
  • Well deserved sleep.
  • I don't know why can't get enough of your love babe!...
  • Who owns the world?...
  • The world is mine!
  • The Hipno-priest
  • First Communion
    holly blood
  • First Communion
    holly body
  • First Communion
    the faithful flock

  • God, i am your faithful and humble servant!
  • The masquerade
  • Boo!!!
    the masks have fallen
  • Self-portrait with the politician and hypno-scepter
    behind the masks, evil lurks in us all

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