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William Grant & Sons: Monkey Shoulder

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A series of artworks commissioned by distillers William Grant & Sons to create a fresh brand identity for a new 'triple malt' called Monkey Shoulder
Project Info
  • Monkey Shoulder is a triple malt Scotch whisky aimed at a new generation of drinkers - rebranding a classic for 20/30 somethings without losing its sense of heritage. These are two of a series of characters commissioned by William Grant & Sons to help build a new identity, challenging more traditional perceptions of the whisky drinker.
  • Monkey Shoulder is a triple malt with a smooth rich flavour, making it an ideal whisky for mixing. Read reviews from the UK's top bar-tenders at the Monkey Shoulder website and try the taste for yourself. William Grant & Sons commissioned this artwork to promote a series of events celebrating the changing face of whisky cocktails.
  • The smooth vanilla notes of Monkey Shopulder come from the oak barrels in which it is stored. Bourbon casks are shipped over from the US and repaired on-site at William Grant's cooperage. In this illustration I've tried to capture the hot hard reality of a physically demanding and highly skilled process.
  • Monkey Shoulder is a vatting of three single malts distilled by William Grant & Sons: Balvenie, Glenfiddich and Kininvie. 'Triple malt' because it blends three malts without using any grain, placing it somewhere between blended and single malt whisky. William Grant & Sons commissioned this artwork to illustrate Monkey Shoulder's triple parentage.

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