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Ottoman was Geeky

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Some movie and comic book characters as ottoman.
  • Ottoman was Geeky

    All characters in this serie are just fictitious and does not reflect to any person alive or dead or any political person.
  • Justice League as Fevc-ül Adâlet
  • Superman as Faik-i Adem
  • Batman as Sepbere-i Adem
  • Wonder Woman as Hârika Avret
  • Flash as Berk
  • Green Lantern as Fanus-u Ahdar
  • Aquaman as Ab-ı Adem
  • Martian Manhuter as Merihi Sayyad-ı Beser
  • The Joker as Bezlegû
  • The Hulk as Cüsam
  • Han Solo & Chewbacca as Solo Han & Koca Oglan
  • Léon & Mathilda as Lemi & Mahmure
  • Gandalf & Frodo as Câdûger & Kasir
  • Blues Brothers as Mûsikisinas Biladerler
  • Scarface as Cehre-i Mecrûh
  • Taxi Driver as Hammal
  • Grease as Raks
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